The Hyperledger Project Welcomes 8 New Members

Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project welcomes eight new members to its ranks today; Beijing AiYi Digital Finance Technology; Broadridge Financial Solutions, a US-based financial services firm; Cloudsoft Corporation, a UK-based software developer; South Korean bitcoin services firm Coinplug; Australian deposit-taking institution Cuscal Limited; Eurostep Holdings, a Cyprus-based cross-industry product data management company; blockchain forensics firm Skry; Japanese arts & crafts company Soramitsu.

As yesterday’s announcement states: since February of 2016, the Hyperledger Project has received a 70 percent jump in membership enrollments.

The project has been growing since day one, as industry leaders have recognized the need for an open blockchain & distribute ledger standard, “The amount of interest we have received from such a diverse set of companies is a testament to the impact the Hyperledger Project is poised to have,” said Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin.

The project offers a venue where businesses can set aside their competitive spirits and focus on building an “enterprise grade, open source distributed ledger framework upon which users can build and run a variety of business applications.”

Ryan Uhr, CEO of Seoul-based bitcoin company Coinplug, which recently partnered with South Korean KB Kookmin Bank on a blockchain overseas remittance project, said that distributed ledger technology will disrupt many industries, particularly finance:

“Secure, shared and transparent blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt the financial industry and change our business,”

Skry CEO & Co-founder, Fabio Federici, also shares Uhr’s sentiments regarding the transformative impact of this new technology, “We believe that blockchains will have a transformational impact across industries and see open collaboration as a key component for this technology to reach the next level,” said Federici.


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