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Tor Implements New Community Standards to Help Ease User Concerns

Tor has released what it calls, “New Community Standards”. These new standards, covered, and defined in a six-part social contract, having members pledge to adhere to high standards of conduct, which include transparency, honesty about technological capabilities, and committing to advancing human rights. The final clause in the contract states the community’s commitment to avoid harming users, even when they are faced with outside pressure to do so. “We take …
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TorStrike: A Proposal to Shut Down Tor’s Network for 24 Hours

A group of protestors is asking the temporal blackout of Tor’s network for 24 Hours. An initiative using the Twitter hashtag #torstrike and accusing the project leaders of working with the CIA, among other claims. Concretely, the group is asking users to avoid using the network on September 1st. Nodes and employees of the project have been asked to suspend their operations as well. A recent sexual scandal surrounding Jake Applebaum …
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Tor Developer Jacob Applebaum Steps Down After New Mistreatment Allegations

Things are starting to look even more dire for Tor, as one of their prominent developers has stepped down after facing public allegations of sexual mistreatment. The company acknowledged the departure of Jacob Appelbaum earlier this week in a very brief statement, but they went into further details to address some of the rumors surrounding his departure. Jacob Appelbaum Exit Is Positive For Tor It is not the first time …
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