The United States is Gearing Up for the Online War on Terror

On Tuesday, the Chairman of Homeland Security said that in order to keep up the fight against terrorism, the U.S. must engage with the internet. Rep. Michael McCaul described the counter terrorism strategies laid out by current U.S. President Obama and former U.S. President G.W. Bush as being outdated.  McCaul stated that the global jihadist movement is expanding through the internet, and the fight must be brought there. “Now we …
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Google’s Jigsaw Helps Deter ISIS Recruits With the Help of YouTube

Google plans to stop ISIS recruits before they become radicalized, with what else? Information. For the past year, Google’s Jigsaw has been developing a program that will combine Google’s search advertising algorithms with YouTube’s video platform to target new recruits. Google’s goal is to stop them from joining the Islamic State Group ISIS, or ISIL. They plan on doing this by supplying them with accurate information on the terrorist organization. …
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Europol Report Shows Terrorists Are Not Using Bitcoin

A recent publication by the International Business Times finally sheds some light on how terrorist organization ISIS has never used Bitcoin in the past. While many people strongly feel the popular digital currency offers perfect anonymity, it is one of the most transparent payment solutions in the world today. Moving Bitcoin funds around the world on an anonymous level is not possible for long, and terrorists prefer other payment options, …
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