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French Startup Brings Wireless Charging to Apple Devices

Due to the increasing use of our phones throughout the day mobile batteries are lasting less and less, and convenient charging solutions are becoming a valuable tool. iPhone users have been looking for wireless charging solutions, however very few options are available. Seizing the opportunity, French startup Energysquare has come up with a crafty charging solution that works for nearly any device. Wireless Charging is Coming to Your Apple Devices …
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Orderbird Brings Mobile and Card Payments To iPad Owners

Point of sale devices are the bread and butter of commerce these days, yet new solutions have to be found to make these terminals more accessible. Rather than dealing with an intricate cashier and computer system, German startup Orderbird offers a point of sale device for iPad users. Moreover, they secured 20 million EUR in funding. Point of Sale for iPad Users In A Business Setting The way consumers and …
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Jaxx Bitcoin And Ethereum Wallet Now Available For iPad Users

One of the projects in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency that is currently getting a lot of attention is the Jaxx wallet service. Rather than sticking to one operating system and supporting a handful of devices, the Kryptokit team is working hard to create a universal Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet service for computer and mobile users around the world. Earlier today, the company announced the Jaxx beta wallet …
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