Jaxx Bitcoin And Ethereum Wallet Now Available For iPad Users

One of the projects in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency that is currently getting a lot of attention is the Jaxx wallet service. Rather than sticking to one operating system and supporting a handful of devices, the Kryptokit team is working hard to create a universal Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet service for computer and mobile users around the world. Earlier today, the company announced the Jaxx beta wallet for iPad users, and interested parties should apply for an invite.

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Jaxx Wallet For iPad is Invite-Only

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As amazing as it is to see the Kryptokit team release one wallet after another for various operating systems, there are certain limits even they have to take into account. A little known fact is how Apple is not too keen on beta software products, and the company will limit the number of people who can obtain an official license for the Jaxx iPad wallet.

For those people who are interested in trying out this Ethereum and Bitcoin wallet solution on their iPad, sending an email to the Kryptokit team will get you on the list of possible candidates. No official details have been revealed as to how many people will be invited, or how the limited spots will be distributed. A first-come, first-serve basis seems to be the most fair method.

During this limited beta testing, users are invited to provide the Kryptokit team with any feedback on the Jaxx wallet. As this software has been thoroughly tested, bugs should be relatively uncommon, but it is always good to hear from a larger group of testers and see where future enhancements can be made.

This beta release marks the first tablet solution for Jaxx, and it is the very first wallet for Ethereum users on this medium. Most mobile wallets will work on a tablet as well, but they are not always optimized for the larger screen size. The Jaxx iPad wallet has been designed specifically for these types of devices and screen sizes, creating a seamless experience for digital currency enthusiasts.

As is the case with all other Jaxx releases so far, it is important to keep in mind this product is still in a beta stage. Users should not deposit large sums of money in their wallet, as the company will not be able to help if funds go missing or get stolen. Users are in full control of their Bitcoin and Ethereum balances at all times.

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