French Startup Brings Wireless Charging to Apple Devices

Due to the increasing use of our phones throughout the day mobile batteries are lasting less and less, and convenient charging solutions are becoming a valuable tool. iPhone users have been looking for wireless charging solutions, however very few options are available. Seizing the opportunity, French startup Energysquare has come up with a crafty charging solution that works for nearly any device.

Wireless Charging is Coming to Your Apple Devices

Some people may know the name Energysquare, as the French company ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in May of 2016. The product in question is a very thin sticker that can be used on any device, including iPhones and iPads. After simply attaching the sticker to the phone, and placing the phone on the wireless charging station that comes with the device, charging becomes possible.

Although their Kickstarter campaign was successful, Energysquare has yet to ship out their units to backers. The company demoed their wireless charging strip at CES 2017, and it seems to be work as advertised. Although it isn’t the cheapest solution, the expected retail price is US$89. For this price, users will get the charging pad and five stickers they can add to a variety of different devices.

Using this system seems very convenient and straightforward, making it quite appealing to the masses. One simply adds the sticker to the back of the device that needs to be charged wirelessly. The stickers come in black, which should suit most models and cases just fine. Even if you put the sticker on the back of a [thin] case, it will still perform wireless charging through the case without issues.

One end of the sticker contains a Micro-USB, USB-C, or Lightning connector that needs to be placed in your device’s charging port. This actually “closes the circuit” so that no wireless charge is spilled in the process. Additionally, this creates an effective dust filter for your phone’s charging port, which is a nice bonus.

It is important to note Energysquare is not relying on traditional electromagnetic induction. Instead, the company created a new technology that uses electric conduction. With the larger base station, it becomes possible to charge multiple devices at once without reducing individual charge times. A great breakthrough in the world of mobile and other devices, as it can solve a lot of people’s battery issues with ease.

Energysquare has mentioned they are already working on a prototype for the second generation of their wireless charging unit. The new model will – allegedly – contain a port on the backside of the strip, which would leave the regular charging port free for people to use as they see fit. However, no further specifics or a release date for the second generation was announced at this time.

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