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Zerodium is Offering $1.5 Million to Whoever Can Find Workable Exploits in iOS 10

Zerodium, a bug broker, has tripled its payment offer for anyone who can find new zero-day exploits that can be used maliciously. They are offering a payment of $1.5 million to whoever can hack the new iOS 10 operating system Apple devices are running. “Sophisticated exploits in iOS 10 are about 7.5 times harder to achieve than those in Google’s Android operating system. That’s why Zerodium has pegged similar hacks …
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Apple’s iMessage Will Integrate Bitcoin Transfers In The Next 36 hours

The big news late last week was how Apple’s iMessage would integrate various payment applications. Circle is among them, albeit there was no official word on whether users could send Bitcoin to one another. The new update for the app seems to indicate both fiat currency, and Bitcoin transfers will be supported. This is major news for Bitcoin, although the success of this feature has yet to be determined. Bitcoin …
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