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Will Coronavirus Break the Internet?

With the outbreak of COVID-19, nearly two-thirds of the world is now at home as governments the world over are taking steps to slow the progression of the disease. With everyone home, the internet is now under heavier stress than ever. In the U.S. internet usage is at record-breaking highs. Seattle, one of the U.S.’s hardest hit cities, internet traffic spiked since January – by March internet traffic in the …
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New Microsoft Fund Targets Blockchain and Internet Connectivity Developers

Bitcoin adoption will thrive once more people gain access to affordable Internet access. Most people assume everyone in the world has access to the Internet, but there are still billions of people waiting to be connected. Mobile Internet connectivity is not always a viable option either, but that situation might be about to change, thanks to Microsoft’s new initiative. Also read: Can Bitcoin Save Dwindling Black Friday Sales? Microsoft Targets …
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