Tag: Information Security

This is a Reminder to Check How Well You Protect Your Data

The Blockchain brought many innovations to the world, but it is the innovations that are built on top of that which I find most interesting. One such movement is being championed by Crypviser for Blockchain encryption. The need to protect data Data is who we are. We are social security numbers, credit scores, and passport numbers. We are social media users, ecommerce consumers, and medical patients. To computers, to companies, …
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12th Annual HITCON Online Hacking War Games Starts Saturday

Next weekend marks the 12th annual HITCON in Taiwan. What is HITCON? It’s the biggest online hacking war games in Asia. HITCON, or Hacks In Taiwan, has been going for 12 years, and is scheduled to get underway starting Saturday. HITCON is only two days, running until Sunday.. HITCON CTF (Capture The Flag) is a preliminary marathon-style game, and the top ten teams will be able to visit the final …
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