Tag: Impersonation

Human Gullibility Is The Weakest Link In Financial Security

There has never been a larger focus on financial security than today. Despite these best efforts, though, there is still a ┬ávery long way to go. Technology can only address so many things, and it is incapable of fixing the biggest flaw of all. Human fallibility remains the weakest link associated with any financial transaction or service. Humans Are Not Perfect And Never Will Be Contrary to what some people …
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Beware of the Fake Vitalik Buterin Profile On Twitter

Many Ethereum enthusiasts follow Vitalik Buterin on Twitter. That is only normal, as he is the most public figure when it comes to talking about Ethereum. Moreover, he is also responsible for a fair amount of coding work going into this project. But there is a fake Vitalik Buterin profile on Twitter, which is spamming malicious links. Will The Real Vitalik Please Stand Up? It is not hard to see …
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Etheress LTD Falls Victim To Copycats Trying To Scam Ethereum Users

Some of our avid reasons may remember the Etheress article we posted on this website not too long ago. As it turned out, that platform was a complete scam, looking to steal user funds. But that was not the most worrying part of the story, as it turns out those website owners have stolen the Etheress name from a legitimate company, who have come forward and asked us to clarify …
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