Etheress LTD Falls Victim To Copycats Trying To Scam Ethereum Users

Some of our avid reasons may remember the Etheress article we posted on this website not too long ago. As it turned out, that platform was a complete scam, looking to steal user funds. But that was not the most worrying part of the story, as it turns out those website owners have stolen the Etheress name from a legitimate company, who have come forward and asked us to clarify a few things.

The Real Etheress Ltd Vs. The Copycat

TheMerkle_Impersonation Etheress LTD Ethereum

As it turns out, the Etheress platform we covered on The Merkle not too long ago was not the real company. The name Etheress already existed in the Ethereum ecosystem, as the name is an official Limited company registered in the United Kingdom. Apparently, somebody decided the name sounded catchy, even though will not offer any Ethereum-related services. Instead, it will become an automatic website building and management platform, which has been in the works for several years now. 

Most people are well aware of how any registered company will have made their details public in a specialized database, which is the same process for just about any region in the world. The fake Etheress team has taken the details belonging to Etheress LTD and set up their own website, in an attempt to defraud customers.

Needless to say, this has caused a lot of stress for the Etheress LTD team, and they are still contemplating whether or not they should change the company name. Thanks to the copycats impersonating this legitimate business, their reputation had received a punch in the gut before the platform even launched. However, there is a likely chance they will keep the Etheress name for the time being, assuming this debacle can be resolved in a peaceful manner.

It is worth noting the real Etheress LTD did not have anything on their website until very recently. That is only normal, as the team was still setting up and designing the layout when we broke the original Etheress article. For the time being, there is a warning on the main page telling people about the copycat website, and how Ethereum enthusiasts need to be wary when visiting the website.

According to the information we have received, it is not the first time company details from up-and-coming platforms are abused to create copycat websites. The Ethereum ecosystem is attracting a lot of attention these days, and people are on the lookout for any opportunity to scam users by the look of things. Among the fake websites these people are using are and

This kind of unwanted attention could do a lot of harm to businesses focusing on the Ethereum industry over the coming months. Most scam sites will not include company details for obvious reasons. However, if they include verifiable details that do exist, they instantly receive more credibility. Unfortunately for Etheress LTD, they were a victim of these scammers, and we hope this article has set the record straight.

Source: News Tip Via Email

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