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How Will Cryptocurrencies be Used in the Future?

Ever since its introduction in 2009, cryptocurrencies’ ability to function as an alternative, anonymous payment method has completely disrupted the financial services industry. Having pioneered blockchain technology that provides users with an incomparable level of protection and transparency, widely used cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, Zcash, Dogecoin and Monero are gaining ground all over the world and are purported to be the future of Ecommerce, despite the SEC initially rejecting …
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State of iGaming Online Gambling in the age of Crypto-currency

Gambling remains one of the greatest American industries with a never-ending potential for growth. Online portion of the industry is still relatively small – 8 percent (although these 8 percent is 28.5 billion $. With a B). Furthermore, expected growth of this portion of the industry is roughly 9 percent annually. At this point, crypto-currency such as Bitcoin is a small portion of online gambling world, but this is soon …
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