More and More Phishing Sites Use HTTPS Certificates to Appear More Legitimate

Phishing attacks have become far more common over the past few years. Unfortunately, it appears things will not get better anytime soon, as criminals are stepping up their game once again. More specifically, it appears scammers are now using the HTTPS protocol for phishing sites in an effort to win over consumers in the process. A very disturbing development that could have widespread ramifications. Phishing Sites With HTTPS Are Very …
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Google To Name and Shame Sites Not Using HTTPS Encryption Come January 2017

One of the topics on everybody’s mind these days is whether or not the Internet will ever be safe and secure. The short answer to that question is “not sure,” although efforts are underway to improve the overall experience. Compared to twelve months ago, things have certainly improved, but there is still a very long way to go before hacked sites can become a thing of the past. Encrypted Connections …
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HashOcean Blog Confirms Relaunch On August 29

Contrary to what many people believe, HashOcean is not dead just yet. Even though the official .com domain no longer works, a different version of the site has popped up on hashOcean.cloud. The company claims their data centers have been paused due to a hardware upgrading, and moving mining equipment from the US to China. What Is HashOcean Up To These Days? Not too long ago, it looked like HashOcean …
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