HashOcean Blog Confirms Relaunch On August 29

Contrary to what many people believe, HashOcean is not dead just yet. Even though the official .com domain no longer works, a different version of the site has popped up on hashOcean.cloud. The company claims their data centers have been paused due to a hardware upgrading, and moving mining equipment from the US to China.

What Is HashOcean Up To These Days?

Not too long ago, it looked like HashOcean had run off with people’s money. While that still seems to be the case today, a mirror website has come online a while ago which is keeping users informed regarding an impending relaunch. If everything goes according to plan, HashOcean should relaunch at the end of August 2016.

Allegedly, the company was forced to halt its mining operation in early July due to a server farm migration. This seems rather strange, as the company never provided any credible information regarding their mining capacity. The new company blog mentions how the data centers are being moved from the US to China.

That server farm move should be completed shortly, as the latest update was posted on July 27th. HashOcean also mentions how their new location is capable of running up to 12,000 MH/s of mining power. Additionally, the plan is to open a secondary mining center in China later this year, albeit no specific details have been provided yet.

But there is more, as the company has finally enabled HTTPS encryption for the website. While this may only be a small change in the grand scheme of things, it is a mystery how they managed to scam people for so long without the HTTPS option. Then again, HashOcean will continue its malicious practices come August 29.

All of this news need to be taken with kilograms of salt right now. The story behind the disappearance of HashOcean is flimsy at best. Then again, it wouldn’t be the first time a company came back from the dead to scam even more users. Be careful when dealing with the relaunch in a few weeks from now, as losing funds is a lot easier than earning it back.

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