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HEX Founder Richard Heart may be Recycling Funds From Ethereum Investors

The HEX project has had a very bad reputation since day one. It now appears that more evidence comes to light to put it in a bad spotlight. On Reddit, one user claims how HEX founder Richard heart is recycling funds. The HEX Saga Continues This is done to keep the token price afloat after it has collapsed entirely.  It would certainly not be the first project to resort to …
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Massive Outflow of Ether Funds Spells bad News for HEX Investors

It now appears that the final nail is put in the HEX project. Despite raising millions in investments, most of the ethereum deposits have been cashed out. The HEX project has been very controversial since day one. Where is the HEX Funds Going? Despite a professional website and plausible explanation of the product, many suspected it was a pyramid scheme. It is still too early to determine if that is …
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New Investors are Less Eager to Invest in HEX

The HEX project continues to keep so many people engaged. There are even some interesting websites dedicated to this project, albeit it isn’t helping it get a better reputation. The Hexclaim website is very fascinating, for many different reasons. HEX Adoption is Finally Slowing Down One of the more intriguing updates is how early adopters continue to reinvest their earnings even today.  That is rather surprising, given all of the …
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