HEX Founder Richard Heart may be Recycling Funds From Ethereum Investors

The HEX project has had a very bad reputation since day one. It now appears that more evidence comes to light to put it in a bad spotlight.

On Reddit, one user claims how HEX founder Richard heart is recycling funds.

The HEX Saga Continues

This is done to keep the token price afloat after it has collapsed entirely. 

It would certainly not be the first project to resort to these types of tactics.

From day one, there have been numerous allegations regarding HEX and its creator’s intentions.

Even today, there is still plenty of speculation as to why anyone put money into this venture.

A lot of funds were contributed during the initial stages.

Many investors hoped to beat the odds and make a healthy profit through this token.

It remains uncertain if anyone effectively managed to do so.

The terms of service associated with HEX also did not favor Ethereum users.

Those investors were never guaranteed to get their deposit back, yet many failed to read that fine print until it was too late.

In the infographic, a rather elaborate distributed scheme comes to light.

That is the downside of using a public blockchain like Ethereum.

All transactions – and associated nefarious activity – can be sniffed out by anyone with a few hours of time on their hand.