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Now You Have Another Way to Pay for Apple Products

It’s probably been a while since you pulled out a wad of cash to purchase an iPhone or an Apple Watch. The transition to a cashless society has been in motion for some time now – in developed countries, at least. But if your go-to payment method is pulling out the plastic, well, that’s on its way out as well. Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) are on the rise around the …
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Havven Raises $30M In Their ICO for a Stablecoin and Payment Network

According to their website, havven.io, Havven is a “decentralized payment network and stablecoin.” On February 28th, Havven began a token sale, which, as the company noted, was supposed to run until March 6th, or whenever the hard cap of US$30M was reached. In less than a day, the site states that token sales have closed and the cap has been realized. Why the clamor for Havven tokens? Because of its revolutionary method in …
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Havven announces one of the largest airdrop campaigns to let users test out the first decentralized stablecoin

AUSTRALIA, February 7, 2018 – Havven, the decentralized payment network and stablecoin, is announcing an airdrop campaign in preparation for its upcoming token sale. The airdrop program offers participants and potential users a chance to secure havven tokens ahead of its token sale on February 28th. The blockchain-based platform provides the first decentralized solution to price stability in the volatile crypto economy. Unlike Bitcoin, which has a fixed monetary policy …
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