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Here Are the Best Ways to Give the Gift of Crypto

Over this Christmas season, your family may have dedicated a portion of dinnertime talk to “that Bitcoin thing” your uncle brought up. “What’s this cryptocurrency business?” your cousin chimed in over a plateful of cranberry salad and honey-roasted ham. You and your immediate family may have even swapped a few crypto-related gifts. If not, you may be asking yourself: what’s the best way to give crypto as a gift? An …
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KeepKey vs Trezor vs Ledger Nano

Bitcoin Hardware wallets are a hot product as they are much secure than traditional software wallets. A Hardware wallet stores the private keys aka your bitcoins on the device itself instead of on your computer in a file. As a result, you reduce the attack surface for a hacker to try and steal your coins. Even if your computer is compromised with a keylogger and a RAT (Remote Access Tool), if …
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