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MimbleWimble is not the Secure Privacy Implementation you Think it is

A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts have high hopes for the MimbleWimble protocol. It would unlock additional privacy features, not just for Grin, but other coins implementing this technology in the future.  In a recent post by Ivan Gobatyy, however, it becomes apparent there are some key flaws associated with the privacy aspect of this technology.  MimbleWimble has a Privacy Problem He explains how it is possible to uncover the addresses …
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What Is Grin?

On January 15, the Grin mainnet went live, and it’s captured the attention from supporters and speculators across the space since. One of the pioneers behind MimbleWimble tech, Grin’s unwavering focus to privacy and scalability has presented a fresh project and point of interest for enthusiasts to observe. Just two days after launch, Theymos announced that Grin was to be accepted for Bitcointalk forum payments, the first currency beyond Bitcoin …
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