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Top 5 Electric Cars With the Longest Range Available in the US

A lot of Americans are looking to buy an electric car now or in the near future. Ongoing advancements and developments in this industry make these vehicles a lot more appealing. Consumers looking for an electric car with the most range will have a few intriguing options to choose from. Rest assured further progress will be made in this regard.  Audi E-Tron  Audi is one of the most renowned car …
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Verv Partners with Ocean Protocol, Allows Consumers to Monetize Their Energy Usage Data

As consumers, we’re used to accessing programs and software in exchange for signing over our personal data, and in that sense, we’ve become the product. Our information is often shared far beyond what’s required for an app to function, and this has led to major breaches of our privacy. Decentralization is part of the solution, and so is transparency in data sharing. Verv, a UK-based green energy startup, is creating a data …
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Could Blockchain Tech Be the Future of Renewable Energy?

One area in which blockchain technology is showing serious potential is the energy sector. And there’s an interesting reason for that. We all know that climate change is a serious issue (well, most of us do). Yet when it comes to hitting our carbon emission reduction targets, we’re way off base. Despite hearing sad stories of polar bears drowning in melting ice and natural disasters ravaging developing countries, we return to …
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