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Top Reasons Businesses are Adopting GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

GPS monitoring of transportation is a comprehensive, multi-functional system for management of vehicle logistics. GPS vehicle system monitoring tackles logistics with both simple and complex solutions. The GPS monitoring of vehicles allows you to have a wealth of information online for both individual vehicles and groups of vehicles. There is a great variety of vehicle tracking and monitoring software of different developers on the market. We suggest you look into uboro.io. Uboro will help you to …
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Uber’s New Feature Tracks Users After Their Ride Has Finished

Using the Uber service is quite convenient, and its automated checkout system makes the whole ordeal a lot more comfortable, but there are certain caveats to using these types of services. For example, most Uber users allow the app to keep tracking their location, even when the app is not actively running. What does the Company do with this data, and whom do they sell it to? Uber Is Spying …
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Japanese Government To Monitor Smartphone GPS Data All The Time

Smartphones have quickly become the internet-connected device of choice for consumers all over the world, due to portability and powerful specifications. But over in Japan, government officials make use of five new smartphones by NTT DoCoMo to secretly track users, including their location. A Different Way of Tracking Consumer Smartphones In this era of consumer technology, governments around the world do not shy away from keeping close tabs on all …
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