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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Holds Steady at $8,200

The price of bitcoin fell in dramatic fashion yesterday following Google’s announcement that it would no longer support cryptocurrency and ICO-related ads. Prior, bitcoin had been trading for approximately $9,100, though following the search engine’s sudden decision, the price fell nearly $1,000 (eight percent), and it has been hovering at $8,200 ever since. For the most part, bitcoin is managing to hold its ground despite several resisting factors. Per Coindesk …
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An All-in-One Hardware Wallet Solution Has Arrived, and Its Name is Giza

Hardware wallets are an essential tool for any cryptocurrency investor managing a portfolio with a fat dollar sign in front of it.  They can keep funds safe from malware, phishing attacks, and general hacking foul-play.  But current models are somewhat limited in scope, as they can only be used to manage cryptocurrencies and not the sensitive information–bank account info, exchange passwords, etc.–that are associated with managing a portfolio. Disclosure: This …
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