An All-in-One Hardware Wallet Solution Has Arrived, and Its Name is Giza

Hardware wallets are an essential tool for any cryptocurrency investor managing a portfolio with a fat dollar sign in front of it.  They can keep funds safe from malware, phishing attacks, and general hacking foul-play.  But current models are somewhat limited in scope, as they can only be used to manage cryptocurrencies and not the sensitive information–bank account info, exchange passwords, etc.–that are associated with managing a portfolio.

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That’s why Giza is building the swiss army knife of hardware wallets, a one device solution that will allow cryptocurrency investors to safely store both assets and sensitive information.  According to the project’s website, the Giza team building “an innovative and easy in use device, [which includes a] cryptocurrency wallet, password manager, u2f authentication system and encrypted data storage.”

As such, Giza will set itself apart from the competition by being the all-in-one hardware wallet solution to make investing more secure and convenient for crypto enthusiasts around the world.

What Sets Giza Apart

Like its competitors, Giza offers offline, hardware wallet storage of popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash, Dash, Ark, and plenty of ERC20 tokens.  Like other hardware wallets, it includes encrypted storage for your investments as well as a backup seed phrase for restoring them in case of an accident.  But it also houses a number of unique features, including:

Enhanced Durability: Giza’s sturdy design is composed of gorilla glass and a water-repellent silumin body.

Enhanced Security Features: “In case of emergency all the data stored in your GIZA device can be destructed in three different ways: false master password, which can be set up by the user; secret joystick combination, which is also customizable, or multiple false master password input.”  It also enable two factor authentication for any transaction approved using your device to ensure maximum security.  Lastly, all seed phrases will be encrypted and stored on Giza’s blockchain, meaning that device recovery is even more secure than with traditional hardware wallets.

Versatility: Unlike Trezor or Ledger Nano S, Giza has in internal battery that allows users to access the wallet’s functions without plugging it into a computer.  Moreover, each device can accommodate up to 3 separate accounts. Further, the device sports both a usb cable and bluetooth for device connectivity.

Giza App: Users can manage their Giza device using a nifty mobile app.  The app provides its users with an easily navigable user interface, allowing them to manage all of their Giza’s function right on their smartphones or tablets. There is also Giza Browser Extension, however it’s not necessary to install it on your computer, if you don’t want to leave any digital trace

It doesn’t stop there.  Here are Giza’s functions outside of hardware wallet storage:

Password Manager: In a world where you may have dozens of passwords for different exchanges, online banking logins, and ICO registration accounts, it can be dizzying trying to keep every password in your head.  More worrisome, it can be treacherous to keep your passwords in files on your computer’s basic storage.  That’s why Giza offers its users a built-in password manager, so that they can manage all of their passwords offline in a single, encrypted place.

Encrypted File Storage: Giza even comes replete with 16GB of encrypted storage for anything else you might want to store.  From sensitive identity information to private documents, you can store it all on Giza’s secure, encrypted memory chip.

Giza Token: Giza also has its own token.  According to the project’s whitepaper, “GIZA is an ERC 20 token, which represents a unit of value of software license. Each holder of GIZA token may express the intention to lease his/her license right to the future GIZA Device users and be entitled to the income of the company in accordance with his/her tokens percentage. As a result the market price of GIZA token will grow progressively as the income of the company. GIZA tokens will be sold with following features…[the] cost of software license is 80% out of total cost of each GIZA Device.”  Thus, 80% of the company’s income will be distributed amongst token holders.

A Unique Opportunity

Given the scope of its vision, the innovations it’s presenting, and the sleekness of its design, Giza recalls images of Apple in its early stages twenty years ago.  This could prove to be one of the more exciting and lucrative opportunities going into 2018.

The team has already started distributing their devices, and the token sale is still active.  But you better hurry, because so far, 84% of tokens have been sold, and the sale will only be active for another 12 days at best.

Giza is certainly worth looking into, and if you’re sold on the idea, worth a buy.  Who knows?  It could be like buying Apple in 1999.