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The History and Future of the Gig Economy

Gig work, such as driving, delivery, and rental is becoming easier and better with apps like Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb. But gig jobs are much older than you may think. Since 2009, “gig economy”  has been referred to part-time freelance work, but the start of the gig economy starts all the way back in 1915, when jazz musicians coined the term “gig” to refer to performances. By the 1930s during …
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Viberate Is the Music Marketplace of the Future

More and more people these days want to get paid for their work in cryptocurrencies. While individuals can and do use payroll services to accomplish this, some would prefer to be paid directly in cryptocurrency without the need for a middleman. Pulling this off as a musician or live performer used to be somewhat difficult, but Viberate is looking to change that. The Music Marketplace of the Future Everyone is trying to be the …
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