Viberate Is the Music Marketplace of the Future

More and more people these days want to get paid for their work in cryptocurrencies. While individuals can and do use payroll services to accomplish this, some would prefer to be paid directly in cryptocurrency without the need for a middleman. Pulling this off as a musician or live performer used to be somewhat difficult, but Viberate is looking to change that.

The Music Marketplace of the Future

Everyone is trying to be the next big thing in his or her market, and utilizing cryptocurrencies and the blockchain is one powerful way to go about that. One company which has the right idea is Viberate. Viberate is a live music talent marketplace looking to shake up the way that we think about booking and buying tickets for live performances. The company touts itself as a sort of Airbnb for the live music world. It is a game changer in many respects, but among their more compelling features is allowing musicians and creators to charge for their gigs in cryptocurrencies.

Another way in which Viberate operates more intuitively than the traditional market players is its focus on live performances over royalties. Live events usually are more profitable to musicians and creators, and it is refreshing to see a company explore this market rather than simply add to the royalties music industry.

Viberate Is Making Waves

Viberate is already being recognized for its work. The European Commission’s “Music Moves Europe” initiative named Viberate as one of 8 top startups predicted to disrupt the global music market. One of the reasons it chose Viberate was the wide net the site casts, noting it boasted a whopping 120,000 musician profiles, from “Rhianna to a local guitar player.” The other data published on Viberate’s site — including social media stats, gig dates, contacts, and content — also sets Viberate up to be a wholly disruptive force to the status quo of the music world.

Viberate Is Live

The service is now live. There are over 120,000 musician profiles. Musicians and creators can make new profiles or claim existing ones. Viberate was proud to announce that Robbie Williams had recently claimed his profile.

One of the reasons that Viberate is so in line with the needs and desires of musicians is because one of its founders is himself a world famous DJ. DJ UMEK’s stats can be viewed on his profile, along with upcoming gigs and concerts where people can see him in person. Viberate gives music lovers all the information they need while also allowing them to purchase tickets to see their favorite artists.

Making sound waves as well as disruptive waves in the industry seems to be second nature to Viberate. If you are a fan of music or a musician yourself, be sure to check them out.


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