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Google Trends Indicates Growing Interest for Bitcoin and Blockchain in Ghana

Google Trends is an exciting place to keep an eye on search popularity for various keywords around the world. Although Bitcoin popularity has been on the rise for the bigger part of the last few years, the term blockchain has exploded in the results. Oddly enough, both terms are increasingly popular in Ghana as of late. Blockchain Trumps Bitcoin In Google Trends It will hardly come as a surprise to …
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Bitland aims to create a blockchain-based, land registration system in Ghana and the African continent

As mentioned numerous times, blockchain technology can be used for multiple purposes other than simple monetary transfers. With this in mind, a company known by the name of Bitland has announced that their blockchain initiative is now being pivoted in 28 communities across Ghana, with plans to expand all over the African continent. To put things better into perspective, Bitland is an organization that provides individuals with the possibility to …
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