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Bitland aims to create a blockchain-based, land registration system in Ghana and the African continent

As mentioned numerous times, blockchain technology can be used for multiple purposes other than simple monetary transfers. With this in mind, a company known by the name of Bitland has announced that their blockchain initiative is now being pivoted in 28 communities across Ghana, with plans to expand all over the African continent.

To put things better into perspective, Bitland is an organization that provides individuals with the possibility to survey land, but also record deeds directly to the blockchain. As the company provides a permanent record of all operations, it can bring further clarity to land ownership rights. In return, this has the potential of reducing corruption, and allows people to do whatever they wish on their lands (securing mortgages, buying a house, opening up a business etc.).

In a recent press statement, a representative from Bitland said that: “In low-income countries like Ghana, people are concerned with basic needs and infrastructure such as running water and paved roads. The Bitland team will use blockchain technology to help accelerate infrastructure development by freeing up capital – without the corruption and abuses of power that have plagued such projects in the past”

Based on this, Bitland’s initiative also includes the idea of building solar-powered centres that will operate as hardware funds that people can use to secure their lands, but also as an education centre for locals who wish to find out more about the technology.

Reports indicate that the Bitland system is operational thanks to a partnership between them and the OpenLedger platform, built directly on top of BitShares and the Graphene blockchain technology platform.

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To bring locals even more possibilities, Bitland will begin issuing a digital currency named Cadastral that will work as a ticket to enter the platform. Further on, the Bitland system will get access to a voting platform, which communities can use to express their ideas on certain projects. Further on, partnerships between Bitland and governments will allow people to resolve land disputes more easily, while also registering their land titles.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, what do you personally think about the Bitland project? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Bitland PR

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