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Knowing Your Risk in the Fight Against COVID-19

Fighting COVID-19 now requires knowing your risk. As of May 2021, nearly 50% of American adults had been at least partially vaccinated against COVID-19, but the risks continue. From December to March, hesitancy about getting the vaccine fell by half. Many people admitted that they could be persuaded to get the vaccine if it meant that they could stop wearing masks and travel freely. In the last two weeks of …
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New Bill Imposes Penalties On US Employees Not Partaking In Genetic Testing

When applying for a job or working for  a particular employer, the last thing one would expect is having to pass some genetic tests. That situation may come to change very soon, as a new US House committee bill would see hefty penalties being enforced on employees who decline to participate in such tests. A very disturbing development, to say the least. Genetic Privacy is Coming To An End Under …
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