Brave Asks UK Authorities to end Google’s Unfair Advantage

The Brave browser has been one of the bigger success stories in all of cryptocurrency lately. It now appears that the company wants to put an end to Google’s monopoly, at least in the UK.  Earlier this week, the browser’s team submitted a request to the UK Competition and Markets Authority. Brave Goes After Google In this request, Brave emphasizes how UK authorities need to enforce GDPR as quickly as …
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The Dreaded GDPR Is Here: Non-Compliant Companies Had Better Get Their Checkbooks Ready

It’s rather like the effects of smoking, or slouching, or eating too much sugar. You know you shouldn’t do it. You know it’s bad for you. But there are so many other things that can kill you first, right? When you spend so much time chasing customers and crafting marketing campaigns to attract and retain them, what’s a little laxity with your data policy going to cost? Quite a lot, actually. …
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Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin Trading Platform CoinTouch Shuts Down Over GDPR Concerns

Peer-to-peer trading of cryptocurrencies has become a lot more popular over the past few months. While centralized exchanges are still the dominant market leaders, OTC trading platforms such as LocalBitcoins and Paxful are gaining popularity. Unfortunately, the success story doesn’t extend to all OTC trading platforms, as CoinTouch was forced to shut down due to new regulation in Europe. CoinTouch Shuts Down, Effective Immediately Although CoinTouch is not necessarily the most …
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