Brave Asks UK Authorities to end Google’s Unfair Advantage

The Brave browser has been one of the bigger success stories in all of cryptocurrency lately. It now appears that the company wants to put an end to Google’s monopoly, at least in the UK. 

Earlier this week, the browser’s team submitted a request to the UK Competition and Markets Authority.

Brave Goes After Google

In this request, Brave emphasizes how UK authorities need to enforce GDPR as quickly as possible.

If this data protection measure is not implemented soon, Google’s monopoly on Real-time bidding will remain in place.

That would thwart any competition in the browser space. 

If GDPR is enforced correctly, the “pay per impression” ads market will be shaken up drastically.

For now, Google has a firm hold on that market, although its fairness has been in question for some time now.

A competitive advantage is in place for technology giants due to how they harvest sensitive data.

To make matters worse, Google seems to use the collected data to profit whenever and wherever possible, without repercussions or limitations.

Brave, designed to build a better internet for all, wants to change that situation.

To do so, authorities need to extend a helping hand and to their part.

A decision regarding this matter is not expected for some time to come.