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6 Random Altcoin Pumps Yielding Over 100% in Weekly Gains

In the world of cryptocurrencies, there is no such thing as a day during which none of the markets moved. Especially during volatile times like these, the lower-cap coins tend to note some interesting changes. This past week was no different, as the following six altcoins all noted pretty steep gains in very quick succession. Sustaining this growth will prove to be rather difficult, for rather obvious reasons. Counterparty Gains …
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Ripple’s XRP Left All Cryptocurrencies and ICO Tokens in the Dust in 2017

Looking back on the year 2017, it is safe to say there have been some spectacular gains for specific currencies. Most people are well aware of the Bitcoin price gains throughout 2017, even though they pale in comparison to a lot of other projects. It is evident that altcoins and digital tokens are making their mark on the industry in¬†a big way right now. Maintaining such¬†momentum is always difficult, to …
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