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Samsung to Introduce a Foldable OLED Smartphone This Year

A lot of changes are coming to the world of technology. More specifically, the way in which we interact with devices will see some interesting changes which may or may not become the new norm. In the case of Samsung, the company has announced it will introduce foldable OLED smartphones later this year. This is a project which has been rumored for quite some time now, but it will be the first time such …
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Samsung Releases Android Hotfix To Prevent Note 7 Explosions

The company has offered a patch to South Korean users, preventing the device from going over 60% of its battery capacity to prevent explosions.  Samsung (KRX:005935) announced that on September 20 it will offer an Android update to Galaxy Note 7 devices to limit the amount of battery charge to up to 60%. With this ‘hotfix’ the South Korean juggernaut expects to prevent the overheating flaw that many devices have …
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