Samsung Releases Android Hotfix To Prevent Note 7 Explosions

The company has offered a patch to South Korean users, preventing the device from going over 60% of its battery capacity to prevent explosions. 

Samsung (KRX:005935) announced that on September 20 it will offer an Android update to Galaxy Note 7 devices to limit the amount of battery charge to up to 60%. With this ‘hotfix’ the South Korean juggernaut expects to prevent the overheating flaw that many devices have experienced –and which has also caused sudden explosions and deflagrations–.

The initial rollout of the update will begin on September 20, with a limited release (for the time being) in the South Korean market. Samsung has not disclosed if this update will be offered worldwide. The company is in the midst of a massive, unprecedented recall (RMA) process, a flaw in the battery fabrication procedure has left millions of device in danger of exploding due to overheat. Over 2.5 million devices have already been returned by customers.

So far, Samsung’s official advice to its customers is to turn off the device and return them as soon as they can. The company suspended the smartphone sales worldwide at the beginning of this month, admitting that it had received 35 battery failure cases. Since then no further numbers have been disclosed by Samsung, but on the United States of America, over 70 cases have been denounced. The severity of the situation forced the American civil aviation body, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), to ban Galaxy Notes 7 on commercial flights.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

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