Samsung to Introduce a Foldable OLED Smartphone This Year

A lot of changes are coming to the world of technology. More specifically, the way in which we interact with devices will see some interesting changes which may or may not become the new norm. In the case of Samsung, the company has announced it will introduce foldable OLED smartphones later this year. This is a project which has been rumored for quite some time now, but it will be the first time such products have been commercialized.

Foldable OLED Smartphones are Coming

Over the past few years, there have been various rumors regarding the development of foldable smartphones. Although this is still a very niche product, it seems that manufacturers and consumers alike see some merit in it. Having a smartphone screen which can fold back on its own is one thing, but having an entire smartphone capable of doing the same is something else entirely.

More specifically, the goal is to put all of the electronics contained in a smartphone into a foldable OLED screen. It is still unclear how Samsung – or anyone else – will be able to perform such a feat. After all, we are already dealing with the thinnest generation of smartphones in human history, and bringing their size down even further and allowing everything to bend would be a whole new development. Another approach would be to place all of the hardware in a dock to which the foldable screen itself would connect.

Considering that Samsung held some closed-door meetings at CES 2018, it is logical to assume the manufacturer has a working product in place already. The new product is said to be known as the Samsung Galaxy X. Since no specific details were shared after these meetings took place, it remains to be seen how things will evolve. There is a lot of speculation taking place, which is only to be expected.

One rumor currently making the rounds involves the Galaxy X being a hybrid smartphone and tablet. The display itself could fold out or fold in, depending on which of the two modes one wants to use. Again, nothing is official at the present time. Samsung only confirmed that its new product would launch at some point in 2018, but declined to issue any further specifics. Rest assured there will be plenty of interest in the upcoming foldable OLED smartphone.

All of this further indicates that we will see some major changes in the world of gadgets moving forward. Foldable displays are just one of the logical evolutionary steps in this industry. Whether or not consumers will find these new products all that appealing has yet to be determined. That will mainly hinge on how much money Samsung chooses to charge for its foldable OLED smartphone. As is usually the case with new technology, the price will probably be on the high end of the spectrum.