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Purchase All Your ICO Project Needs for Under $2,500 on Fiverr

The concept of initial coin offerings has been put through the wringer several times over. More specifically, the SEC is cracking down on any company or project potentially violating securities laws. It is evident there is still a great future ahead for this business model, but only when teams take the necessary precautions. One particular user on Fiverr claims they will take care of all these issues on your behalf for …
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Fiverr Seemingly No Longer Accepts Bitcoin

It does not often happen platforms accepting Bitcoin suddenly remove the cryptocurrency payment option altogether. For some reason, the Fiverr platform is no longer accepting Bitcoin all of a sudden, even though there is no official company statement regarding this change. That is an unfortunate development, as they seemed to be quite a popular service among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. No More Bitcoin Payments For Fiverr The service offered by Fiverr is …
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