Fiverr Seemingly No Longer Accepts Bitcoin

It does not often happen platforms accepting Bitcoin suddenly remove the cryptocurrency payment option altogether. For some reason, the Fiverr platform is no longer accepting Bitcoin all of a sudden, even though there is no official company statement regarding this change. That is an unfortunate development, as they seemed to be quite a popular service among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

No More Bitcoin Payments For Fiverr

The service offered by Fiverr is quite appealing to consumers and enterprises all over the world.  Anyone looking to get some graphics work done can check out the platform and pay a fraction of the regular cost. This platform is being used by thousands of people around the world every single week.

Some time ago, Fiverr added the Bitcoin payment option, which would bring them more international clients over time. At that point, it made perfect sense to do so, as Bitcoin is the only global payment option in the world. In fact, the cryptocurrency community was rather pleased with this decision, as it was another popular platform validating Bitcoin as a payment method.

Unfortunately, the relationship between Bitcoin and Fiverr has always been a rather uneasy one. When the Bitcoin price volatility started kicking in, Fiverr quickly disabled the payment option. Later on, they turned Bitcoin payments back on once the market had recovered successfully and volatility returned to a bare minimum once again. This was a warning sign, though, as most companies are protected against volatility by their payment processor.

Fast forward to today, and it appears the Fiverr platform had the Bitcoin payment option removed entirely. It remains unclear Rif this a temporary measure, or if the company suddenly decided not to accept Bitcoin any longer. There has been no company statement regarding this situation, indicating this could be a temporary issue. That has not been confirmed by Fiverr or any of its personnel, though.

One could argue Fiverr was one of the most prominent use cases for Bitcoin payments. Since all payments through the platform are small in amount, Bitcoin makes perfect sense due to its minimal fee structure. Moreover, with its global appeal, it is a perfect fit for any service operating on an international level.

We can only hope Fiverr provides the Bitcoin community with an official explanation sooner rather than later. Even if this is a temporary move, the world deserves to know what the reason is. There has been little to no Bitcoin volatility over the past few days, so that can’t be a valid reason. For now, it remains a mystery as to what is going on with Fiverr, and if Bitcoin payments will be enabled again in the future.

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