A Day of Protest to Demonstrate Against the FCC’s Net Neutrality Decision

Mark your calendars fellow internet rights activists, a date has been set to protest the recent attacks on net neutrality…

4 years ago

The Death of Net Neutrality and Why it Matters

It is official: Net Neutrality has taken the largest blow to date, and it may very well cause the death…

4 years ago

Trump Signs Away Internet Privacy Protections with a Congressional Review Act

The apparent war against the Internet continues in the United States under the Trump administration. Yesterday, President Trump put pen…

5 years ago

Trump’s FCC Pick Sets Sights on Net Neutrality Protections

Regardless of your political leanings, the Trump administration just fired the first shots against net neutrality which should cause alarm for…

5 years ago

Electronic Frontier Foundation Tries to Raise Awareness on Internet Privacy

While millions of people are still trying to assimilate the fact that Donald Trump won the election, in the United…

5 years ago

FCC Approves Rule Forcing ISPs To Respect User Privacy

For once, a new set of positive rules regarding consumer privacy has been approved. The FCC approved the new ruling…

5 years ago

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