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Cryptocurrency Malware Education: FacexWorm

Cryptocurrency service providers have been a prime target for criminals for as long as most people can remember. Most recently, security researchers came across FacexWorm, which targets cryptocurrency trading platforms accessed through affected browsers. It is another worrisome development for crypto enthusiasts. FacexWorm is a big Problem Researchers over at TrendMicro have outlined the potential problems caused by FacexWorm. As the name somewhat suggests, the malware in question is mainly distributed through Facebook …
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A Monero Mining Bot Is Spreading Through Facebook Messenger

If you’ve interacted with Facebook, you may have had run-ins with spam bots that infest your profile (or your friends’ profiles) and post links or advertisements without your permission. Well, the same malware that tells your friends to “Check out this link for 90% off a BRAND NEW pair of Ray-Bans. WOW!” is now being used to mine cryptocurrency. A downloaded client runs mining software that contributes hashing power to the malware’s …
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Digimine Monero Mining Bot Spreads Through Facebook Messenger

From a cybersecurity point of view, 2017 has not been the best of years. In fact, there have been so many new threats, there’s genuine reason to be afraid. The rise of hidden Monero mining scripts is one of those problems people shouldn’t overlook. It seems a new variant, known as Digimine, is spreading through Facebook Messenger. Criminals will continue to use methods like these to make money until people …
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