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Ether.Camp announces their annual contest for building the future Ethereum, blockchain-based applications

While Ethereum has grown significantly during the last couple of months, organizations such as Ether.Camp are still doing their best to further increase exposure for Ethereum-based projects. With this in mind, Ether.Camp, the well-known contact analysis tool provider and block explorer has just announced the launch of their second ever, annual hackathon. For those who do not know, Ether.Camp offers a collection of tools meant for the Ethereum protocol, including …
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Ethereum Studio Will Remain Free of Charge

Ethereum Studio, a complete integrated development environment announced that the service will remain free of charge for the time being. The IDE packs a full house of features that makes smart-contract developing very easy.  Ethereum Studio is a feature rich platform that allows the easy development and deployment of Smart Contracts. Ethereum Studio is an IDE -Integrated Development Environment- that is powered by Cloud9, The platform is capable of providing new …
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Ether.Camp Shows Off Ethereum Smart Contract Use Cases

Ethereum smart contracts are getting a lot of attention these days, although very few people properly understand how they work. In a recent blog post by the Ether.Camp team, it became apparent as to how some of the more practical use cases of smart contracts already exist on the blockchain today. Transparency is an important aspect of the digital currency ecosystem as a whole, and a small explanation of how …
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