Ethereum Studio Will Remain Free of Charge

Ethereum Studio, a complete integrated development environment announced that the service will remain free of charge for the time being. The IDE packs a full house of features that makes smart-contract developing very easy. 

Ethereum Studio is a feature rich platform that allows the easy development and deployment of Smart Contracts. Ethereum Studio is an IDE -Integrated Development Environment- that is powered by Cloud9, The platform is capable of providing new workspaces to create projects in the cloud, thanks to Cloud9 technology the user can code with their web browser which is connected to a VPS -Virtual Private Server- running all the Ethereum stack.

This solution is provided by Ether.Camp an Ethereum block explorer, Roman Mandeleil the creator and CEO of Ether.Camp explained that he changed his mind on the monetization scheme of the platform, initially, Ethereum Studio was going to transition into a monthly subscription system after the initial trial period, however, Roman stated in this blog post:

Nowadays we prefer to focus on contributing to the community, help it grow and set aside the financial calculation to be handled at some later stage.We are here for the long term, so better feedback, and a flourishing tech community are much more important to us than a quick buck. We believe that providing real value will eventually lead us to the appropriate business model.

Roman Mandeleil is also the main developer of the Java-based version of Ethereum. Ether.Camp was also the sponsor and home of the first ‘decentralized’ Ethereum Hackaton

Ether.Camp is focused providing the following:

  • Complete Ethereum sandbox
  • An online editor
  • Collaborative coding
The IDE interface

The IDE interface

We have witnessed hundreds of developers register to the website and try to develop their projects with the assistance of this powerful tool. This adoption by the community is a pleasant surprise for us and a real source of inspiration. We really enjoy chatting and sharing developing practices with each of you, newbies and experienced developers alike.

Ethereum Studio will remain free of charge for the moment, this service helps developers, as they don’t have to install the whole Ethereum Technology Stack, the code is containerized and secluded in Cloud9 servers and testing environment. The tool is accessible through the Internet, and only a web browser is required to start developing smart contracts.

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