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ErosCoin – An open source solution for blockchain payment industries

Possibly the largest single factor currently holding cryptocurrencies back from mass adoption is their difficulty of use for the average person. While Bitcoin and Ethereum both provide the ability to transfer value quickly and securely without borders, they both suffer from a steep learning curve, which limits interest from merchants, consumers and payment providers, and restricts growth of their platforms. EROSCOIN is setting out to create a new blockchain that …
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What Is Eros Coin?

While some cryptocurrency projects focus on very specific and focused areas and industries, others cast wider nets. Our sponsors at EROSCOIN are hoping to create a new blockchain that is different from all other cryptocurrencies in order to bring this technology to almost every industry imaginable. Since the company is focusing on a blockchain payment solution, virtually all other industries may also benefit from its network. What is Eros Coin? Ultimately, EROSCOIN is a …
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