What Is Eros Coin?

While some cryptocurrency projects focus on very specific and focused areas and industries, others cast wider nets. Our sponsors at EROSCOIN are hoping to create a new blockchain that is different from all other cryptocurrencies in order to bring this technology to almost every industry imaginable. Since the company is focusing on a blockchain payment solution, virtually all other industries may also benefit from its network.

What is Eros Coin?

Ultimately, EROSCOIN is a project that is aiming to bring about wider blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption through innovating in the current blockchain ecosystem. The team wants to make regular use of cryptocurrency a daily experience for everyone, rather than just for the select few as is the case today. While Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen somewhat successful adoption, Eros Coin’s team believes they can help cryptocurrency achieve even greater adoption. They will do this by adding extra layers of security to blockchains to ensure that peer-to-peer transactions are safe and also help merchants and businesses acclimate themselves in the blockchain world.

They also want to address the main problems of the payment industry today. EROSCOIN will deliver smooth, seamless, and secure payment while supporting peer-to-peer, business-to-business, and user-to-business transactions. They will build online payment gateways and provide web and mobile wallets for storing funds. Making international payments easier and more secure is also a main goal of the team. Hopefully, they will also make splitting currencies easier as well.

The plan is to create a new payment method that is decentralized so that there is no central authority creating massive overhead or any needless oversight into the network. However, the Eros Foundation will provide transparency for financial management, code management, and business decisions. It will also operate within the bounds of legal regulation and its own code of ethics. It will be a fully open-source project and solution.

Eros Coin ICO and Whitepaper

EROSCOIN will be holding an ICO in just a few weeks to fund the development and implementation of the Eros Foundation and its network. A whitepaper outlines how the team plans to spend the funds raised. The largest portion will go toward development costs for the Foundation and the network itself. Marketing, legal, and administration are other expenses that the team hopes its ICO will be able to help cover.

Interested parties will need to invest Bitcoin in the ICO and will receive Eros Coins (ERO) at a rate of US$0.15 per 1 ERO initially. There will be a total of 2.4 billion ERO tokens.

The whitepaper is also helpful for understanding how exactly this project aims to accomplish its goals. Should anyone be interested in the project, it is imperative that one reads the whitepaper thoroughly to grasp EROSCOIN and the Eros Foundation.

Check out the Eros Coin website here: https://eroscoin.org/

Here is their whitepaper: https://eroscoin.org/whitepaper.pdf

This is a sponsored post and not investment or trading advice; always conduct your own independent research.