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The UAE’s Sustainable City Inches Closer Toward Completion

A lot of interesting things are happening in the United Arab Emirates as we speak. Perhaps the biggest project to date is a completely new city which is home to driverless cars, greenhouses, and villas powered by solar energy. The current cost of building this new city comes to $354 million, although that number may increase in the future. This radical venture has already attracted a lot of positive attention. A …
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Scientists Grow Concerned Over Internet Porn’s Carbon Footprint

We live in very exciting times when it comes to technology and innovation. Many people are becoming more aware of how we’re ruining the environment, and scientists are looking for technical solutions. Surprisingly, Internet porn is one of the contributing factors to environmental problems. The industry’s carbon footprint may become a lot larger over time. Internet Porn is bad for you Many people have heard the saying that the internet is for porn. …
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Seabins Clean the Ocean Surface by Removing Plastic and Cigarette Butts

If it were not for the human race, the ocean wouldn’t be littered with so much trash. Thankfully, some members of our species are actively working on a solution to ensure this problem gets solved sooner rather than later. Over in the United Kingdom, the nation’s first seabin has been installed. When fully operational, this contraption will be capable of collecting around 80,000 plastic bottles from the ocean every single year. A …
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