Scientists Grow Concerned Over Internet Porn’s Carbon Footprint

We live in very exciting times when it comes to technology and innovation. Many people are becoming more aware of how we’re ruining the environment, and scientists are looking for technical solutions. Surprisingly, Internet porn is one of the contributing factors to environmental problems. The industry’s carbon footprint may become a lot larger over time.

Internet Porn is bad for you

Many people have heard the saying that the internet is for porn. No one can deny that the internet has made the adult industry thrive like never before. Even though this business has always been lucrative through magazines and DVDs, the impact of online streaming surpassed everyone’s wildest expectations. As is always the case, this trend has both upsides and downsides. 

Scientists have gauged the carbon footprint of internet porn. While one would assume streaming-related services have less of an impact than magazines and DVDs, porn is surprising in this regard. Although online streaming reduces carbon-dioxide emissions by as much as 40%, it has some other consequences few people even assumed possible. There is a bright future ahead for any media delivered over the internet, but it’s also important to keep an eye on the bigger picture.

More specifically, the introduction of so-called tube sites has been a godsend for the adult entertainment industry. Thanks also in part to rapid improvements in broadband internet, more people have access to porn than ever before. With viewership numbers steadily increasing all over the world, it is evident things will only continue to get better for this industry. Unfortunately, the research also indicates that the environment could be negatively impacted by all that streaming.

With the viewership for internet porn increasing at an accelerated pace, it is evident that growing electricity consumption could be bad for our environment as a whole. It is not a concept most people would give a second thought, but it is certainly something to be concerned about. For now, no one knows for sure how bad things will get, but it is safe to assume internet porn will consume a ton of electricity, which is not a good thing.

It will be interesting to see if we can ever pinpoint the exact impact of internet porn on our environment. Given the adult industry’s reluctance to track and share official numbers, we may never determine whether or not it consumes more electricity than Netflix. All signs point toward the answer to that question being yes, but there are no real numbers to back up this claim. New technologies come at a cost; that much is evident.