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Would We Miss the Fiery Tweets If Voter Fraud Were Eradicated?

Voter fraud. Two words most of us have heard a lot in the last couple of years. While in the States the mudslinging is concerning at worst, entertaining at best, it’s generally recognized that wide-scale voter fraud simply isn’t possible in a country like the US (whether Donald Trump tweets about it or not). Calling someone a cheat doesn’t make them a cheat. But it may serve to plant a …
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More Attempted Hacks for State Voting Systems

The FBI released a statement Friday detailing more threats found to be carried out against the U.S. Voting system. These attacks are coming during the nations close proximity to the National Presidential Election. The FBI found evidence in August that hackers had breached multiple state election databases. The FBI has said that they have found other attempts aside from the ones it had previously mentioned. They say frequent scanning activities …
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U.S. States are Asking the Feds to Give Voting Systems a Clean Bill of Health

The hacking attacks that have been happening to the U.S. has most states on edge about the upcoming elections. So far, nine states have asked the FBI for cyber scans to ensure the election authorities’ network is free from vulnerabilities. According to the DHS, they want more states to sign up. The threat is believed to be coming from Russian State hackers, gathering intelligence, and trying to persuade the elections. …
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