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Why You Must Switch To An xAPI Enabled Learning Management System

Effective tracking of learners’ interaction with the course material is perhaps one of the most notable advantages of eLearning technology over traditional learning methods.  The ability to track a learner’s progress and optimise the learning experience to maximise effectiveness truly revolutionised the way we learn. All this was made possible with a system of standards and specifications known as SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model). In essence, SCORM is used …
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How Blockchain Tech Can Make eLearning More Effective and Secure

eLearning is big business. As technology permits us to run our lives from within our houses, it’s only logical that we should educate ourselves in our own little silos as well. After all, why go to class if you can bring the classroom to your home? Why have burned-out teachers stood in front of disengaged students staring at their smartphones, when they can be replaced by stimulating learning through technology? …
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