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Dutch Central Bank Will Supervise Bitcoin Service Providers in 2020

Regulatory changes in the cryptocurrency world are always contentious. Many people see the benefits, whereas others oppose any changes. In the Netherlands, a lot of major changes are coming to cryptocurrency service providers. All of these changes seem to be directed at fostering the Bitcoin industry moving forward.  The new requirements will go in effect in January of 2020. Dutch Central Bank Oversight The big change coming next year is …
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Dutch Central Bank Examines Blockchains and May Launch Own Digital Currency

In a recently-published annual report for 2015, the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank) dedicated an entire section on blockchain and fintech innovations. The section titled Block Chain Technology Look Promising, explained that this innovation may hold the keys to cutting down transaction costs in the financial system. The report highlighted the ability of blockchain-based payment system to speed up the settlement time of transactions, as well as improve transparency. …
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