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Tezos Domains Will be Available Shortly

Various blockchain projects have shifted some of their attention to disrupting the domain name services industry. Tezos is the latest project to do so, as Tezos Domains are now officially a thing. For some time now, the Tezos team has been exploring new avenues to pursue. Tezos Domains are Progressing Nicely Rather than focusing just on cryptocurrency, its underlying blockchain has a lot of untapped potential as well. One option …
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What Does Amazon Want With Three Cryptocurrency Domain Names?

There are always interesting developments in the world of cryptocurrency. Amazon has been doing some remarkable things in this area, even though its motives remain unclear for the time being. Most recently, the company has purchased three cryptocurrency-related domain names. It is unclear what it plans to do with them, as the company isn’t planning to accept cryptocurrency payments anytime soon. Amazon Buys Cryptocurrency Domains There are many potential reasons as to …
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Nametoken Is the First Domain Ecosystem

The blockchain has widespread implications for many different businesses. It brings distributed ledgers and decentralization to a world badly in need of it. One area that benefits immensely from blockchain adoption is domain and hosting applications. The project known as nametoken is looking to take this world to the next step of an entire domain ecosystem. The First Domain Ecosystem While many might not think about it on a day-to-day basis, …
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