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UK Black Friday Growth Remains Bullish As US Consumers Prefer Cyber Monday Sales

Black Friday is an important “holiday” for shoppers all over the world. Scoring some nice discounts in time for the Christmas holidays can save people a lot of money. For the first time in years, interestingly, Black Friday growth in the UK seems on track to surpass US growth. This is an exciting development, considering the Brexit has decreased household wealth by quite a margin. Black Friday Continues To Gain …
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Bitcoin Users Can Enjoy Discounts When Booking Travels Through Destinia

Spending bitcoin on travel and accommodations has been possible for quite some time now. Albeit most people would book through Expedia, here are other sites which accept Bitcoin payments as well. Destinia is another major travel booking website, and they are even offering discounts to customers who pay in Bitcoin. Destinia Is An Option Well Worth Considering Booking travel can be a very expensive endeavour, depending on which platform one …
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Can Bitcoin Save Dwindling Black Friday Sales?

Black Friday is an important day in the world of commerce, it is one of the few days of the year where various purchases are being made all over the world. The reason for its success is quite simple, retailers enable discounts on their products and services, incentivizing consumers to spend money left, right, and center. However, is Black Friday all it claims to be, or are consumers starting to …
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