Bitcoin Users Can Enjoy Discounts When Booking Travels Through Destinia

Spending bitcoin on travel and accommodations has been possible for quite some time now. Albeit most people would book through Expedia, here are other sites which accept Bitcoin payments as well. Destinia is another major travel booking website, and they are even offering discounts to customers who pay in Bitcoin.

Destinia Is An Option Well Worth Considering

Booking travel can be a very expensive endeavour, depending on which platform one uses. The number of comparison websites has been on the rise, ensuring customers can enjoy the lowest prices possible. In some cases, booking a flight can be a matter of spending a few hundred bucks more or less for the same experience.

Throughout the years, several travel booking platforms have started to accept Bitcoin payments. Expedia is perhaps the biggest brand to do so, but Destinia should not be overlooked. The company offers plenty of travel options, including a hotel booking service, and they have little to no issues when dealing with Bitcoin payments. Expedia has struggled with cryptocurrency in the past.

In fact, a lot of Bitcoin community members have taken a liking to Destinia over the past few years. The company started accepting Bitcoin payments in January of 2014 and still views cryptocurrency as one of their “premium’ payment options. This seems to indicate plenty of customers pay with cryptocurrency, which is a good sign.

What could only make such services more competitive is offering discounts to people who pay in Bitcoin. Since companies such as Destinia and Expedia save a bit of money on the transaction fees – and should not worry about chargebacks – it is only normal they pass along savings to the customer. Unfortunately, that is not a standard business practice. Destinia attempts to provide discounts whenever they can, though.

Depending on when one places an order through the Destinia website, the discount may be small or non-existent, though. Travel agencies use the current Bitcoin market price, and if there is a lot of volatility in the market, the discount may be all but gone. Then again, being able to pay for this service with Bitcoin is a big deal, and its potential should not be underestimated.

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